Monday, November 22, 2010

Route 66 Museum and straight shot Thru Texas Panhandle to NM

Hello all~ Just wanted to share that I changed my settings so all of you wonderful anonymous readers can now comment on my blog! I do look forward to reading comments so feel free to leave some for me, as long as they are positive! No negativity needed here.

We visited the Route 66 Museum in Elk City~ it was just $4 each with our AAA discount and $5 if you don't have AAA. Then we stayed the night in Amarillo Texas at the Amarillo Welcome Center. It was a nice, quiet, safe spot with 24 restrooms. Now we are staying a few days in Albuquerque NM, its a bit chilly here though.

My next project: building a teardrop trailer

Huge Fabergé egg collection
World's First torture device perhaps? Or a hair curler... you decide!

Somehow we went back in time!

Leaning Water Tower

Cadillac Ranch

Desert, desert, and look! a mound...


  1. great photos and lovely sunshine!

    (that's Faberge eggs)