Saturday, November 13, 2010

Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas

We spent a night in Atlanta GA, and William National Forest AL and blew through MS traveling mostly on 278W...
Lunch Time in Piedmont Alabama

We stayed the night in William National Park nestled in between a graveyard and a church...
We had some quiet neighbors that first night...

Mississippi was flaaaaat
.. traveling on Route 6

Crossing over the Mississippi River on 49N

only to find ourselves broken down in Little Rock AR~ generator issues this time... But have no fear folks! We found a trusted VW mechanic in town who should have us on the road again in no time! In the meanwhile we have been enjoying LaQuinta Inn & Suites courtesy of our insurance plan with Nationwide! Gotta have that Road Trip Interruption Coverage!

Apparently Moonshining is a big thing here, I never heard that stigma before. I always thought it was the Appalachian Mountain folk who were known for it.

View from out Hotel room @ LaQuinta

Anyone ever heard of the Peabody Ducks? We didn't either until we looked up free things to do in Little Rock! Every day at 11am and 5pm the "Duck Master" leads the ducks to and from their "rooftop palace" and the fountain made specifically for them! These are probably the world's happiest ducks...
The Art Museum is pretty good too~ it has an original Picasso! I didn't get any photos though.

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