Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We got to spend our thanksgiving with our new VW friend Peter. We found him on the AIRs list while traveling in Albuquerque. He is letting us stay at his place while we do some adjustments to the Bus, like fixing the sliding door etc. We also got a new starter from a friend of his who has tons of VW parts! There are tons of old VWs here, if you ride down the block you will see at least 4 or more! We've been having a great time meeting lots of great new people and making friends. We also recruited Peter to go to Buses by the Bridge with us @ Lake Havasu AZ in January!

This is Tiki Bus~ Peter built a kegerator in it~ more pics to come later

We are staying here until Saturday and after that we decided to head South to get on I-10 instead of going I-40 because of the cold weather. It snowed here thanksgiving! We will miss some of the things we wanted to see but we would much rather stay warm. And there are places we want to see South as well, and meet up with some friends in Quartzsite AZ.

Thanksgiving was great for us, because we met some seriously awesome people, got to have delicious Southwestern style thanksgiving dinner and better parts for the Bus! We are very thankful this thanksgiving for the kindness of strangers and the luck of meeting great people. We miss our families but luckily we will get to visit them for the Christmas holidays. Well, happy thanksgiving everybody!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Laura Anne! I am so glad you found such great folks to help you with Lenny there! Very cool indeed! Fun to see the pics of the other buses too! Can't wait to see you when you come through Quartzite!

    Stay warm!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Hi Laura (and Trey).
    We stopped by from Mike and Heidi's. I really enjoyed reading about your amazing restoration and fun journey! Keep posting!

    (I was wondering what happened to Lobster, back in July he looked like he was gearing to go.)

  3. Little Lobster decided he didn't like the Bus so my parents are taking care of him for now. I miss him!