Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Bye Greenville SC!

Finally got the new shocks put on, bumper put on and had the mechanic do a basic check up on the Bus. Looks like we need new heater hoses and wire to make the heater work. But the mech showed us what was up so I feel confident that we will be able to rig it up later on down the road...
Got a new atlas from Books-A-Million which we marked up with our destinations and stuck some sticky notes in it. (check out the rainbow RIGHT that we saw when we got to the book store)
We also got our bikes in working order and purchased a two bike rack from a woman on craigslist who just moved to SC from California! She told us to check out Venice Beach while we were out there. So that is another addition to our destination plans.

In Greenville we spent a lot of time sitting around and planning, but we also visited the Greenville Zoo on Monday.
Its a pretty small zoo but only costs around $7. And there's a petting zoo! Now for some photos...

Even big cats stick out their tongues when they sleep!

Two Newer additions to the Greenville Zoo~ Giraffes!

One of the two resident elephants. I wonder if they get cold in the Winter?

Now we are in Aiken SC for a few days before we mosey on to Atlanta, looks like the fall is following us there too! Looks like we need to go further south...


  1. Is that an axotol? Sweet.


  2. Hey, we'll have to go for a bike ride when you catch up with us ;)... most likely in AZ. We carry our bikes too.

  3. I believe it was an axotol~ I love how his gills are on the outside!

    ~Heidi~ we'd love to go for a bike ride with you guys :)