Saturday, June 21, 2014

A journey and an end.

It's been quite a while since I've updated.. I have not had the heart to log on and post.
 Last summer Lenny was having a valve stick, then he was overheating consistently.  I had him back and forth to mechanics before I finally let him go.  I just did not have the drive in me to continue with engine troubles.  Looking back, I am very sad and sometimes regretful.  However, a dependable vehicle that can drive a normal speeds is what I really needed to invest in.  One day I do hope to have another VW Bus...

Good bye Lenny, I always miss you.

For now, you can find me at my new blog:  which is completely non VW related; but about making healthy meals delicious, nutritious and easy! Check it out, its Herbalicious

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Recap

Sorry folks! Long time no post.. and I have little excuse. Here are some photos between then and now...

Blue Ridge Parkway, February

Lobster is my co-pilot~ taking a pit stop; needing to replace windshield still

Lenny & his pals

Borage & Calendula

Bus Driver, extraordinaire

Bday camping

Bday camping
Bday camping with friends

October 2012

Oct 2012

Lenny & Octobers
Lenny was my daily driver (still is sort of) after my short stint of living and traveling the Carolinas in him.  Now he awaits an appoint with a mechanic to find where there is a leak in the wiring.  The battery keeps dying. With a new battery and soon to be a re-built alternator, once the leak is fixed he'll be driving me to and from work and back to camp outs & adventures.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fire on the Mountain #9

Last week I attended the 9th "Fire on the Mountain" Bus campout. This takes place in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in NE Georgia. This year was very special as my friends Steve & Tammy renewed their wedding vows. The weather was perfect, the lake was lovely, and the friends were many, even a few new ones. Click here for my post about last years FOTM~

My first kayak experience~ fun!

View from my camper~ 2001 Ford Ranger with Camper Shell

Celebration Decoration

Bell looking for her Daddy/my campmate Snoopy~ with his beautiful bus Wanderlust

Typical.. beers & chit chatting with great people

I camped out in the truck because Lenny is having his engine swapped this week! Next week I can look forward to properly breaking it in, and bringing the loaner engine down to Snoopy in Charleston, this way someone else can use it.  That's what VWs do~ they bring people together & teach us to share & help each other.  Although it takes a lot of work at times, its all these great times that really pay off.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wilmington, North Carolina

I've spent the last month in Wilmington NC meeting people and checking out the local scene. So far, I like it!

The last few photos were taken last night at a club meeting for Oil & Air VW Club which takes place the first Thursday of each month.  Although there is another meeting coming up in 2 weeks to talk about a VW parade at an Oktoberfest locally.  Free admission which includes food & beer- count Lenny & I in!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

High Country Bus Festival 16

This year was my 3rd year in a row going to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, camping along the New River, the oldest river on Earth behind the Nile.  Twin Rivers campground is located along side of the New River, ending at a fork which one path flows South, while the other flows North.
This year the festival began on Monday, however I arrived Friday so I could get a little R&R in before the parties began. A few others showed up Friday and Saturday, but really started to trickle in Sunday.  Next year's HCBF will begin Sunday.

Newlyweds (middle), married in the river~ most beautiful wedding I've seen

Lenny and Karla

Jim & I ~ party animals (Sprout in background)

Lenny all decked out, with new tattoo

Tye Dye Tutorial

"Gears & Wrenches" ~ Acorn & Butternut squash


Ahhh, this is life

Rosin cooked potatoes~ strange and delicious

Wonderful Friends

Oh, Lenny... breakdown in the street makes way for plenty of help

Riding in style 1990 Vanagon can't wait to smoke these two slow Bays
The alternator went out on Lenny sometime during my drive to High Country, and I found out when we tried to leave.  So we had Nationwide tow him to Boone, where we had the alternator rebuilt. 
A word on AAA: I used AAA for many years and recently saw a decline in service.  I was not unhappy with AAA, but when suggested by Nationwide to ad their roadside assistance/trip interruption coverage for just $20 extra a year, I jumped for it.  At the moment I don't know how many times they'll tow, but its up to 100 miles each time and you do not have to wait with the vehicle for pick up.  AAA would assume I would wait on the side of the road in my car for sometimes as much as 4 hours before pick up, not to mention the delays that happen because other tows (like car accidents) took precedence.   Nationwide doesn't need you to stay and doesn't expect you to, has better service and is cheaper.  If you use Nationwide, I highly recommend the extra package.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We've got a loaner engine in, had a few tricky situations with it~ vacuum line leak, timing got a bit off, oil sensor went out, accelerator pedal sticking or coming totally off.  But we've got it all together now and plan to hit the road this afternoon for North Carolina.  Going to visit the organic farm we visited in November, and then hitting up High Country Bus Festival for our 3rd year in a row.  The first year  we camped for only 2 nights. The second year we camped for 3 or 4 nights, this year we are going for a wopping 10! Will report back with trip photos in a few weeks. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to kill an engine

Drive long distance in 110 degree heat...

engine is out, going back to Bear to be fixed, in the mean time we are putting in a carburated loaner engine.  Should be on the road Saturday evening! 

Drive smart, if the engine's air cooled (and especially new) don't drive during the middle of a steamy, southern day!