Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going Smooooth

The paint job is finished! I just need to do a topcoat. Today I drove to SC and registered it and got my tags! Yippy! Right now a AAA tow truck is en route to pick up our Westy and bring it to a shop in VA that I hear is good with VWs. Hopefully we will be able to drive it home this weekend! Sleeping in it is very comfortable... We have just about everything finished... Just need to install the stereo and speakers, make front panels still, cut a door for the "closet".. and a few odds and ends. I created a shelf for the closet so now its divided in two. Here are some pictures!

Lobster figured out where his litter box is going to go...
Peel N Stick vinyl flooring

Trey put the carpet in, we just re-used a $20 rug I bought a couple of months ago. It looks great!

We painted the bumper, we just have to put it on. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Paint almost finished!

Going to finish up the paint in a little bit. I finished most of it Friday but didn't have one of the colors I needed, but now I do!
As you may be able to see, the yellow part needs to be the perry winkle blue (actually called Peek-a-boo Blue) so I just need to spray that today, and some finishing touches. Plus the hatch needs to be finished as well.

Its funny because the other day as I was getting ready to go out and work on the paint- somebody drove by and I heard them say "hippy van". LOL guess its going to be a "hippy van" no matter what I do.