Saturday, December 18, 2010

Montana De Oro - Los Osos CA

This week we went on a camping trip to Los Osos, California which is between LA and San Francisco. The first night we just set up behind a CVS because we were tired from driving late, but we had to pop the top because our friend Andrew was with us. At midnight a police officer knocked on the door and Trey answered it. The officer asked him a few questions like where are you from, going, etc. He checked out the sweet mushroom print interior and said "well you guys can stay here for the night as long as you split early." Nice! Early we continued to Montana De Oro state park which is in Los Osos right by the sea. It was beautiful but the camping was over priced! $25/night with no hook ups and no running water, except a spigot of non potable water. They wouldn't allow wood gathering in the park even though it was plentiful and they sold bundles for $8/ea! gotta love those Cali prices!
The first day we were there a thick fog rolled in in the afternoon and stuck around the rest of the day. We took a long hike over some huge dunes down to the beach. Because of the thick fog it was like it was just ours. There was also walking areas through woods that had really cool trees! I'm not sure what type they are but they shed their layers of bark the reveal different colors. Very pretty!! EDIT: They are eucalyptus trees, thanks to Susan!

Our Campsite

Inside what looked like a huge Aloe Bush
Hiking the Dunes to the Sea

Foggy Beach

eucalyptus trees

the second day was clear & sunny but we had to get back to LA.

We stopped in Port San Louis so Andrew could buy HUGE clams for $10/dozen. There were tons of Sea Lions! And birds diving into the ocean for fish.


  1. Nice pictures. Makes me homesick for the West Coast.

  2. Susan~ thank you for uncovering the mystery (for me)! :D