Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sink/Stove Lid Re-vamp

Originally I painted my sink/stove lid yellow~ along with the rest of my interior. Bad choice! This is the spot where we mix drinks, set out food to munch on, etc. Its the prime place for spills but also a center piece when we have guests in the bus. I've been toying around painting different things on it, but last weekend in Charleston a fellow Moonie's hand painted table gave me inspiration.
I've been wanting to do an entire scene the way I have been doing my collages, and this was the perfect chance for me to test my color matching skills.
I decided to "paint" a portrait of my happy place

Closeup of the mountains~

Ask you can see, it isn't quite finished. It still needs to be trimmed and glued down, and resin coated. But I just couldn't resist posting about it in the meantime. I will post photos of it finished & installed once I get around to it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Charleston camping brings new friends

Last weekend we were invited to a small group camp out in Charleston. The original spot they chose fell through, so another "Moonie" (a member of the Full Moon Bus Club) said "what the heck, lets do it at my house!" His beautiful home is on a few acres near the marsh; at high tide some went kayaking and canoeing. I just enjoyed the beautiful 80 degree weather, the cloudless blue sky and the company of new friends.

Bell driving Jasmin in Snoopy's Adventurewagen~ Wanderlust

For those of you readers who do not own a VW and/or have never been to such an event, you can expect it to go something like this:
You drive up, knowing one person or none, hands waving and faces smiling at you. You choose a site and park. At least one person will walk up to you saying hello my name is... and asking if you need any help setting up. Since all we have to do is pop the top, pull out the cooler and chairs to set up, it is an easy job. Most others have awnings, fold out tables, and other gear to set up before they're reading to relax and hang out. If you brought a bunch of food, you can usually forget it. Because others make so much delicious food, I usually end up with leftovers. In the morning some may come around offering you mimosas or bloody mary; or in the afternoon a beer or margarita. At the end of the day you have a whole set of new friends, which leaves you trying to remember everybody's names, plus everyone's dog's names.

Sarah Rose- "You're not a real man if you won't get your toenails painted."
A familiar sight when owning a V-dubb: The Push Start
FYI: You definitely do not need 5 men to push start a Bus! I have push started my bus with one other man's help on flat pavement. Grass does make it trickier though, and downhill is easiest.

We made some great friends and we are looking forward to the campout in Charleston next month~ "thanksgivings misgivings", where Moonies set up tables and put their favorite dishes out for people to eat, like a huge potluck! If you knew me well, you'd know that I LOVE potlucks and tried to host them regularly when I lived in the mountains. There is just something magical about getting together with great people and eating great food and having a great time.