Friday, October 29, 2010

Where are the BLM spots?

Right now we are playing the waiting game in Greenville SC while we visit my parents... waiting for a new emergency brake the come in. we are having new front shocks put on and luckily we found a great mechanic who loves working on VWs and use to a lot more "back in the day."
While waiting, we have been updating a new 2011 Atlas with our destinations. I looked over the Cheap RV Living website again and read the section regarding BLM (Bureau of Land Management) camping spots where you can camp for free up to 14 days, and after 14 days you simply must move to another spot at least 25 miles away from your previous location. These spots are also located in many National Forests, and as I look over my Atlas I see little markings denoting camping. However one of my worries is that these little spots are only stamped near the camping areas you must pay for. Does anyone have any advice on BLM spots? I just want to avoid any sort of trouble I may run in to...
EDIT: I actually found a map of the BLM spots on the departments website! Click here if you would like to view the large map of BLM areas I found. :)

In the meantime, we have had a good time staying with our family members before our trip. It has been a lot of R&R but I do miss sleeping in the Bus! We removed, what we call, the "head smasher"~ the storage cabinet that hangs over the lower~ Rock And Roll bed. I don't have trouble anymore with it but visitors in the Bus have troubles smashing their heads on the dang thing. So we decided we don't really need it anyways.

One evening in Marion NC there was a halo around the moon! I took a picture with the Bus in the lower corner... you can barely see the halo, but I think its blog worthy. :)

We have also been featured in the Reader's Ride online article with VW Camper Van Blog! Steve did a wonderful job with the article taking most of the information from my blog. Check it out: Reader's Ride #22.

It looks like in a week from now we should be heading to Atlanta from Aiken SC where we are going to visit family and friends once the Bus is all fixed up. :) Just have to wait a little longer...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our trip begins: time for a new blog??

We have begun our slow start to traveling: visiting our families and friends before we head south. And I am starting to wonder if I should begin another blog to update our photos to... since this blog was created for our restoration process. What do YOU think? if I do begin a new one it would still be with blogger with a link on this blog to the new one. hmmm... decisions decisions... how about some photos??

GoodBye Boone

Visiting with friends in Old Fort, NC

Parked next to lovely fall colors @ Trey's mom's house in Morganton NC

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our time has come

Next week we will begin our travels. Looks like we will be going to Asheville NC and we may hit up Raleigh NC, Charleston SC, and Savannah GA. But we will be visiting our families on the Western part of the state so we will have to see if we make it to the Eastern Coast again.

I have begin marking destinations on Google Maps, and right now I have Long Beach CA, Redwood National Forest, Las Vegas, and New Orleans marked. It looks like we will roughly be following 40West but detouring to follow along Old Route 66 here and there until we get to California. But we are trying to spend a good bit of time along the way in AZ and where ever else we like.

Do you have any suggested destinations for me?