Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to kill an engine

Drive long distance in 110 degree heat...

engine is out, going back to Bear to be fixed, in the mean time we are putting in a carburated loaner engine.  Should be on the road Saturday evening! 

Drive smart, if the engine's air cooled (and especially new) don't drive during the middle of a steamy, southern day!


  1. Man-o-man, I'm sending good Karma your way Laura. I really hope you get a break and that van starts to realize how hard your trying to get on the road. Keep up the good work, I cant wait for your travel updates once you hit the road.


  2. That's weird...hundreds of thousands of brand-new air-cooled VWs left VW of Brazil's factory and were driven straight into the tropics without this problem. I wonder what actually went wrong....

  3. thanks Jeff~ i am hoping our luck will get good soon! @ anonymous~ thats exactly how i felt. however when they leave the factory they are broken in. since mine was still in the process everything had a lot of friction, heating the engine further. lesson learned