Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fire on the Mountain #9

Last week I attended the 9th "Fire on the Mountain" Bus campout. This takes place in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in NE Georgia. This year was very special as my friends Steve & Tammy renewed their wedding vows. The weather was perfect, the lake was lovely, and the friends were many, even a few new ones. Click here for my post about last years FOTM~

My first kayak experience~ fun!

View from my camper~ 2001 Ford Ranger with Camper Shell

Celebration Decoration

Bell looking for her Daddy/my campmate Snoopy~ with his beautiful bus Wanderlust

Typical.. beers & chit chatting with great people

I camped out in the truck because Lenny is having his engine swapped this week! Next week I can look forward to properly breaking it in, and bringing the loaner engine down to Snoopy in Charleston, this way someone else can use it.  That's what VWs do~ they bring people together & teach us to share & help each other.  Although it takes a lot of work at times, its all these great times that really pay off.


  1. Third photograph from the bottom is one of the most beautiful things I Think I've ever seen.

  2. update your blog! you took enough time off! is your bus still working? you live in full-time? Can you not post because you are trapped in a hippy commune? Whats up Westy Style?