Monday, June 17, 2013

A Recap

Sorry folks! Long time no post.. and I have little excuse. Here are some photos between then and now...

Blue Ridge Parkway, February

Lobster is my co-pilot~ taking a pit stop; needing to replace windshield still

Lenny & his pals

Borage & Calendula

Bus Driver, extraordinaire

Bday camping

Bday camping
Bday camping with friends

October 2012

Oct 2012

Lenny & Octobers
Lenny was my daily driver (still is sort of) after my short stint of living and traveling the Carolinas in him.  Now he awaits an appoint with a mechanic to find where there is a leak in the wiring.  The battery keeps dying. With a new battery and soon to be a re-built alternator, once the leak is fixed he'll be driving me to and from work and back to camp outs & adventures.


  1. Ger the good german window seal - they are the right size, the cal look ones are too small...I also have the window guy put in the american trim the factory 71 came out great and I have a quote for my 78 - seal and aluminum trim came from Wolfsburg West last week...soon, the westy will be back on the road...keep them running !