Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Polished up & broken down

We got the bus all "spiffied up." We used meguiars (I believe) dash polish on our dash, but not the glove box door and you can really see the difference!

We also used Blue Magic liquid metal polish and polished the rear view mirrors, hub caps and the bay windows. The Bus looks almost new!
half polished:



Just in time to break down... as we were attempting to leave Aiken SC the bus just quit starting on us. Turns out we just needed new distributor points, so we got a spare set just in case it tries to happen again...

So tomorrow we will (hopefully!) be on the road again- off to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my old roommate. The mechanic told us that we will likely break down again at some point (we don't have AAA for nothing!) and that we outta keep it at 50/55 mph and take the back roads... just as we had planned. Hopefully we will make it a little farther this time. :D *fingers crossed!*


  1. Some people decide to ditch points in favor of electronic ignition, sometimes referred to by one of the brand names, "Petronix". There's a good write up here:

    You are advised to be highly suspicious of any VW mechanic who tells a Type IV owner (like you) that you "outta keep it at 50/55". Not that you yourself necessarily want to go very fast, but your bus should be able to hit 75 mph easy. Like I said in an earlier comment, a late bay bus (like yours) struggling to reach 60 or 65 mph isn't exhibiting its charm; it has something seriously wrong with it.


  2. Hey Laura, The polishing efforts look like they paid off well! The bus is looking quite spiffy now :) Sorry to hear the points caused you trouble. The other commenter's mention of and electronic ignition system is smart. I had to rescue a young couple we came across 20+ years ago in the Yukon because of their points. Got them running again and watched him back into a deep ditch. They were having a time :)

    Glad you are back on the road! Sorry I am so late with my comments, just starting to feel a little better, Florida and Texas wiped me out! We had to rush to get out of there. We are in NM now.

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  3. Thanks for the tips on the electronic ignition~ we will have to make this upgrade soon!

    As far as our speed~ I don't know how we could get to 75 maybe downhill with the wind pushing us, but we can most definitely cruise @ 65mph... its just that on the highway going at that speed when trucks pass us I feel like we are about to sail away! The last VW mechanic told us that we should def be able to go that fast all the way to Cali~ I think the mechanic who told us to keep it slow doesn't have first hand experience driving Buses~so he just doesn't know! Our engine is quite alright! :P