Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fort Smith Arkansas & Elk CIty Oklahoma

After spending a few days in Fort Smith we took the back roads to Elk City OK where there is a free campsite with power hook ups at a 3 day maximum at the Elk City Park. The bathrooms were only pit toilets and there wasn't any running water but it was a nice campground for free. There are 5 RV spots and the whole time we only had one neighbor until today when we left another huge RV showed up. Now we are waiting for the Route 66 Museum to open up at two and then we will be off to Amarillo Texas.

Clay @ Our camp site made good chalk!~ a drawing of my Kitty Lobster~ I miss him

More Sidewalk drawings around our Bus

Pretty Sunsets

Lake Side

Strange Amphitheater isn't used for anything it appears except bird nests
OK uses its windy days to harvest power
Fort Smith Pictures:

Claw Machine VW Bus!
House made from old Trolly Car during the depression era~ Recycling!

"Miss Laura's Social Club" AKA Bordello/Brothel

Fort Smith Gallows~ many were hung here

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  1. Great info Laura! Those pics are amazing! I love the sunset pic near the lake :) What a spot! Looks like you all are enjoying a pretty awesome journey so far!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"