Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming together nicely!

Sorry again with no pics, but I will be taking more of them this week I am sure.

put rear windows back in with their new seals
Put windshield in & cracked it on the Driver's side (dang!)
rewired the audio system
prepped bench seat for upholstery
fixed new seals onto "bay" windows

this week:
finish up wiring (with Paul some evening after work)
get him on the road (with Trey's friend who has worked on VW engines A LOT and could "take apart & rebuild a VW engine with his eyes closed", who's relatives own a plethora of VW parts) score!!
Putting the bay windows in

this weekend/next week:
Finishing up the bondo work & maybe starting the paint job (with the help of my online friend, yay!)

After that it's just a matter of putting everything back in where it goes!

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