Thursday, May 6, 2010

M- Plate decoded!

I decoded my M-plate today. It was located under the dash on the driver's side, facing upwards. It's pretty hard to see, some people will lay paper on it and rub a crayon over it to create an image. Alas, I did not have a crayon, but i was able to get it.

I typed it into the M plate decoder at

Decode Results:
Production Date: July 25, 1978
Exported To: Indonesia
Designation: VW Campmobile
Engine KW (BHP): 51 (70)
Transmission Type: manual
Engine: *
Transmission Code: -
Extras Code: 609

Paint / Interior
Paint Scheme: Mexico Beige
Paint Codes: LE1M
Paint Notes:
Interior Scheme: camping brown beige
Interior Material: cloth
Interior Notes:

246: Windshield free from import-duty for USA
D03: Code Group: 0127,067,073,102
P27: Westfalia interrior type P27
005: Heater outlet in seat box of rear bench seat.
227: Detachable headrest in cab

Indonesia? Hmmmm

Type P27 -Westfalia interior type Campmobile Deluxe with pop-up roof, folding spare tire, combined gas/electric refrigerator (1976-79) Note: your '75 might not have the combined gas/elec fridge - book is not clear on this

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