Friday, May 28, 2010

Westfalia Pop Top and Solar Power?

I ordered the water pump for the sink & the pop top canvas from Bus Depot this week. The water pump was only $35 but the canvas was $229, a lot cheaper than at GoWesty for over $300, and their water pump sells for $50. Putting the pop top canvas back on will be the last pain in the butt for a while. This weekend I hope to get the furniture in place, panels in and a the wiring mostly complete. I may try to get some vinyl tiles for the flooring so I can go ahead and knock that part out and get the furniture bolted in. I'm going to have to go out of town for the foam, so it may be a while before the bench seat is completed. I also need to find materials to cover the flooring in the cab. I wanted to steer away from carpet because it's hard to keep clean, especially in a camper. But it looks like a cheap and easy to find alternative. Besides, I have a almost new brown carpet in my bedroom begging to be cut up for the Westy. :P
I bought an awesome colorful Duvet cover from Ikea yesterday for $20 because I want to use the fabric for either the bench seat or the interior panels in the cab. It doesn't really match the mushroom curtain colors so I'll probably end up using it in the cab area. Maybe that will give my Westy the feel of having different rooms with different color schemes. At first I wasn't going to use the swivel for the passenger seat, but I've grown to like the option of having it.
I didn't get to look around too much at Ikea but there are definitely some storage items I need to take a closer look at next time.

I also bought several cans of spray paint and primer from WalMart the other night. I'm going to sand the paint a bit, make sure there's no more rust spots anywhere, prime the entire car and use the spray paints to paint it. Later on when I have more funds I will get a good paint job for it. But for now, that's the least of my worries. It can be a true hippy van for now. I bought two cans of Aqua, one teal, one royal blue, one green, and one plum. We'll see where that takes us.

I was reading through some classifies for Westies and I noticed someone had a solar panel fitted on the "luggage rack" or what Trey and I call the "hat". I want one. Solar Cells are cheap on Ebay when you buy broken ones. And This link tells us exactly how to utilize broken cells for maximum output. I mean why not? I looked into Solar Power when I first bought my Westy but I decided to do it "in the future." Well looks like I'd only drop at the most $25/30 on some solar cells. After that is just a matter of generating the power from it into 12 volt. Now is the time for clean energy, and I am going to do what I can to use it. i love my earth. My Westy has a charger/converter... I wonder if I can use this to convert the solar power. Because I won't be using an auxiliary battery, so this part is now sitting useless. I am going to look more into this idea right now!

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