Monday, May 10, 2010

Not so good at deadlines

Now we are hoping to have the Van up to the house by Thursday. That way we can work on it more and easier. Sunday a friend I found on craigslist to help- Marc, did a great job on the bondo work! I didn't take a picture yet, but it's looking good. Last week I sprayed the cab floor with truck bed coating, here's a pic:

-An improvement!

Tuesday Trey and I are planning on doing some work on the van and some the boxes of parts up to my house. I want to work a little bit more on the bondo/ especially on the sliding door. The bottom has rusted through in some spaces. We plan on patching it now. Later in time the bottom will definitely need to be cut off and a new piece welded on... Trey is hoping to have some help with the fuel line Thursday, if not I can help after work. We want to replace the fuel line, because we aren't sure what kind of condition its in. We don't want this to happen to us!! So once that is done, hook up the lighting assembly, throw a seat in it, a plate on it and drive it the 7 somewhat miles to my house. Followed closely by someone else of course! I'll have to buy a tarp to cover the front because I haven't put the seals around the front windows yet.

But I need a tarp anyways because, well tarps are just good to have, and I saw this great idea for a Westy. See Photo?! I would be able to keep that window open to vent the van even when its raining. Plus it gives me a semi/dry area to store things when I am camping (again to keep out of the rain). If I can find the website where I saved that picture I will post it here. Have to give props for this great idea. And I am waiting on the Vent window seals to come in from Bus Boys. Bus boys was the only place I could find those particular gaskets, the man on the phone was nice (too nice...) and they don't have online ordering. You have to call or fill out a form and mail it. Pretty old school, but I like speaking to someone to place an order.

We will have to prime & paint it... We are going to try to paint it here outside of my house on less windy days. But the last few coats I will have to garage it so dust and whatever doesn't show up. Anyone have a garage? :P

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