Monday, May 31, 2010

busy weekend!

We put the nice recovered door panels in yesterday! Looks good with the paint.

I realize that the colors used in the Cab are entirely different than the colors I am using in the rear. That's because I decided to give my Westy the feel of having more than one room. Trey and I decided we have four rooms. The Cab, the Rear, The Side Tent, and The Pop Top! I didn't expect to own a four room home so soon! :P

I sanded, primed, and lay down Reflectix in the hatch. Primer does a good job of holding the insulation down. I also sanded and primed one of the side walls.

A friend of mine built the power box into the panel over the ex-fridge, the picture is a little dark but its next to the spray bottle. Now we have outside power! I hung the valances up but haven't secured them in yet. They look great!

It's really coming together. Yesterday afternoon while sanding it began to rain, so I just closed the doors and hung out in the Van while it POURED. And: NO LEAKS! I mean it really poured and I checked around everywhere to make sure no water is coming in. Looks like we have a watertight vessel :) At least when the water is coming from above!

Today I am going to work more on the interior and maybe head to Lowes Hardware to get the pipes for the sink. I should be getting my water pump in the mail this week along with my Pop Top Canvas! Yaaaay!

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  1. Hey Laura Anne, That looks excellent! You are doing a really great job! This is so much fun to watch :)

    Very cool!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"