Monday, June 7, 2010

Rain rain go away!

Off to work but got a bit done on the Bus this weekend. The rain inhibited me tho. >:(

Also: Old Yellow gross foam vs new!

And my contain garden is doing great! Strawberries, basil, broccoli and green bell peppers. I also have a tomato topsy-turvy garden that is doing great as well, but didn't get a pic.

I bought my plants from the farmers market and they are planted in organic soil. :)

I am searching different solar options I can use in my van. Basically my power needs will be cell phone charging, laptop charging, and playing music. I may have a few LED lights around, but I will rely mostly on Lanterns- especially this cost efficient (or so it boasts) Lantern from GoWesty. What are my solar options?
Solar Cell Phone Charger: around $40
Solar Music Player! (looks like I'd need a Zen MP3 Player tho)
As for my laptop, I can charge that when I am accessing free Internet at any coffee shop or McDonals!

has anyone else heard of some sort of solar speaker system? I realize it couldn't be too powerful. But I am looking ahead towards those Middle Of Nowhere Campouts and deafening silence. Or that song that just won't get out of my head until I hear it. Guitars aren't in my storage space budget.

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  1. I bought that candle lantern from GoWesty and used it in my van for awhile. I hung it from my poptop bar. I liked having the candlelight, but honestly the lantern got really really hot, and I decided that candles were a fire hazard (my boyfriend wouldn't pay attention to the hanging candle lantern and almost knocked it off a few times). I eventually took it out of my van and pretty much totally rely on my LED Petzl headlamp now. I also have a free-standing (and it hangs) LED lantern that is more convenient than my candle-lantern was. And I use an LED flashlight quite a bit, too. OH and i keep a Maratac AAA flashlight hanging around my neck on a piece of paracord, and that is actually the most useful out of any of them b/c it is always with me. All of my LED lights use either AA or AAA batteries that I charge either using my 12-volt (cigarette lighter) battery charger OR my Silva solar battery charger ( hope this helps!