Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pop it like its hot!

We pretty much got the poptop in; after a few days of breaking staple guns and running out of screws, etc. Ya know, the usual. The weather every day has been a mixture of sun and rain, mostly rain. Yesterday I gave the front another coat of primer so I could start painting today. But nooooo as soon as we wrap up it poured so now my paint has little spots all in it. Grrr Looks like I'm going to have to sand it down and paint again. But not for a while. The forecast ALL WEEK is going to be the same. I swear, as soon as we got the Van home the rain began. And the nice sunny days are the days I am in the office 9-5.
Enough griping! here is picture of the inside with the top popped, I am really happy I put that tapestry on it, it looks awesome!

We are going to put the headliner in (if we figure out how!!) today as well as attach the wood that is the upper bunk. Yesterday I started making curtains, my sewing machine has issues with me though. I cut all the curtains and sewed one. 9 more to go! Guess I could do that now instead of playing with the new settings blogger updated today! (love em!)

Rain rain go away, can't you come another day?

Oh I almost forgot to post that I sold my side tent yesterday. Last week during a particularly bad rain storm 3 of my tent poles bent/broke. So I decided to go ahead and sell the tent. Its really heavy and takes up a lot of space and just isn't really worth keeping in the van with us. it also takes a while to set up/take down. So I put up and ad on craigslist and a guy from TN came up and took if off my hands for $200! I've seen really good condition ones selling for close to $400 on ebay. Since mine has the broken poles and a few patches I figured I could use the extra cash. Not to mention the $225 fuel pump that Trey bought and put in yesterday. Its the like the bus is giving back! :) Bout time!

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  1. looks awesome, the tapestry is a nice touch.