Friday, June 25, 2010

Propane stove & sink installed

Trey installed the propane burners and sink components today. As I have mentioned, the burners are hooked up to run off 1lb containers, we tested it before we installed and it works great, both burners! Hooray!

The upper bunk cushions have been covered, sewn and put in. The upper bunk is pretty big, even Trey who is 6'3 can stretch out!

The Fridge cabinet has been painted and I plan to cover it with some of that non slid shelf liner, as I am going to do the same with the kitchen cabinets.

I have had a freezer bag/ cooler for a few years, it works really well and coupled with dry ice, I think I should be able to keep cold foods fresh for a while with this, so here is my new "fridge":

Gotta love that Salvidor Dali Theme :)

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