Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brighten Up

The sun has finally shown! I got a lot done. In addition to cleaning everything with a magic eraser & cleaner; I removed all the paint spray from the front windshield and finished up the front end. I painted the passenger side door too and cleaned it off. So shiney! The paint job isn't the best, but it will do for now. After some time it will get the professional paint job it deserves. :)

Maybe the Only VW Bus with Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Seats??

They were just so comfortable! I didn't want to go buy some other seats when my car is just going to be donated anyways. Those seats are the most comfortable car seats ever.

I also sewed all 9 of my curtains yesterday! After some issues with the sewing machine, I finally got a hang of it and finished all of them. I'm proud of myself, its the first big sewing job I have done. And it came out really good! I used the mushroom fabric for the interior and i backed it with an old bedsheet I had which will match the exterior (you shall see later). I hope the white fabric will help reflect some sun to keep it cooler, and the dark brown fabric looks good with the yellow painted interior. I shall post some pics later!

We got the upper bunk mostly in, and the driver's side curtains in last night. Today I'm going to hit the rest of it with the sander and do some painting... Hopefully I will get to Lowe's today to get some various nuts and bolts to finish up bolting all the furniture in. I also need to find someone with a saw who could make me some circular doors for the cabinets. The previous owner cut holes in them for speakers and they look like $h!t. So I'm going to try to make some new ones.

These next few days are going to be sunny and beautiful, so we should be able to get a whole lot done with the paint! I just wish I didn't have to work all of those days! :(


  1. Hey that looks very cool! Well done! You are almost there eh!?!

    Sorry for getting to this one late. We have been on the road doing that thing I hate...Destination driving! Much prefer to pick a direction and go slow but we had to be here in MN quickly.

    I can't wait to read more!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"