Thursday, June 17, 2010


I want to post a non Westy related topic... sort of.

My family is obsessed with the idea that I will be in grave danger traveling in my Westy. What if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere, what if someone robs me? What if what if what if...

Truthfully, we are always in danger. As I sit at my desk, the roof could cave in and kill me. When I drive down the road I could get struck by another vehicle. If I stay inside my home all day and never leave for fear, someone could potentially brake into my home and steal my possessions, my body and maybe even my life. We are always in danger.

When I travel I will always have protection. Back in Raleigh when I walked the street alone, or biked to a friend's house, you better believe I had pepper spray readily available. Things won't be any different in the van. Maybe someone will roll my camper off a cliff whilst I sleep! That would suck! I could live in fear all day every day and not experience the things I want to do... Or I could prepare for danger, face it and over come our fear of death and the unknown.

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  1. There was a good post on the BodesWell Blog about the same thing... people in general are quick to assume the worst will happen. Life is a series of calculated wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't.