Friday, April 9, 2010

A sunny weekend ahead of me

I am looking forward to the sunny (yet cool) weekend we are about to have! Tonight I am riding down to 7 Devils (where my bus is!) with a coworker who knows a good deal about Automotive wiring/electrical systems to determine what we may need.
Tomorrow morning I am having a yard sale with two other coworkers which I am very excited about! It is really last minute but, I really need to get rid of so much excess stuff I have. Then I can use what I earn to buy paint & insulation for the bus! Please wish me luck- I hope I get a lot of buyers tomorrow morning!
Saturday evening, or more likely Sunday- We are planning on doing the wiring (with Paul's help), finishing up the body filler (with Tommy's help), getting the last teeny bit of rust off (Trey & I), and getting the new seals on/ putting the windshield & the windows back in! Then I will paint! I doubt we will be painting him this weekend because I am still very much up in the air about colors/patterns... I would love to customize the exterior with something but I don't want to be a cop magnet. How to blend in but stand out? *scratches head* I guess a 1979 Camper Bus may stand out on its own anyways, because of how awesome they are of course...
I have a few more pics I want to add but blogger won't upload photos right now! Must be lunchtime...
Here they are!
Very Cool side shot:

I LOVE these colors:


Lovin' the stripes!!

Road Cow

Towing a little buddy!

I like the wiggly rainbow a lot! (Maybe could try something similar, but with matching tones)


Bubble Gum Bus!

Magic Happens

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