Monday, April 12, 2010

Interior rust removed/primed

Yesterday I washed the interior out/swept it, sanded it & primed it. Looks a lot better now, it was so dusty!!

Trey & I also sanded & primed the front:

Trey Sanded & primed the rest of the window rust! Now we can start putting all of the windows back in it.

When I paint it I am going to just cover parts in plastic/tape that I don't want painted. I know that is a little ghetto, but now I can rest assured rust isn't going to create a leaky window I could care less if its painted under the seals or not. Leaks=no good!

Tonight I took the leather covering off the front door panels, and cleaned them up (i saved the clips in a labeled plastic baggie of course!):

I stuck tape on the panel about the size of an open area in the door panel to see if my 8'' speakers will fit- and they will! For the back of the van I plan on putting in speakers/subwoofer that hook up to an external power source. So when I am camping I can play music with my laptop/ipod/cd player.

I'm thinking about covering them in this fabric that at the moment is my Duvet cover:

I'm due for a new one anyways... I'd have to get some sort of sealer or spray that I can cover it with to keep it from fading in the sun. I think it'd look really nice!

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