Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rainy week ahead

This week's forecast tells me its going to Thunder & Rain a good part of this week & throughout the weekend. Looks like a good time to "take a break" and then get back to the grind once the sun comes out. This weekend I plan to stay inside, maybe sew the curtains for the windows. Trey & I washed the cushions in bleachy water 3 weeks ago and they are STILL WET. Not like sopping wet but if I were to kneel on them my pants will have water marks. If they dry out I can cover them with the rest of my vintage sheets/fabric.

Although my last post was pretty negative, on Sunday we did manage to get a few things done. I bought a new battery & Trey put it in, he had to remove part of the air intake to get it in, I guess auto batteries today are much larger than in 1979. Trey patched the teeny holes in the interior where rust had eaten through with bondo, I wiped down the walls & put some insulation in the passenger's side panels in the back. We just bought 25' of 2'' thick Reflectix for $15 and some spray adhesive for $5- very easy to adhere to the metal panels. Once we get the wiring done we are probably going to buy another 25' of insulation to put in between the metal floor & the plywood we have for the flooring. On top of that we are planning on putting in some Vinyl tiles. Luckily the actual floor space will be very small so I won't need a whole lot of tiles.

I've been taking a lot of pictures of our progress but I'm bad at posting them... I will try my very best to get some more pictures up tonight. I've been very slowly working on sanding/priming the bumpers because they're a pretty low priority right now... But since I haven't done much all week I'm sure I can find some time today or tomorrow finish them up. Trey's been trying to replace the screen in the windows but the spline tool we had sucked, so we just bought a better one. One of the screens had a large hole in it and the other one was torn around one of the corners, so we figured we'd just replace it. But if the tool keeps slipping off & cutting the screen I just may have to go Ghetto on that window and use some glue or tape. (Horrible, I know, but that's just how I roll)

In the meantime my daily driver Oldsmobile 88 is giving me grief. I don't exactly know what the problem is, but I have been spending so much $$ on the V-Dubb that even if I do take it to a mechanic I either won't be able to afford fixing it, or I won't be willing to... But I may just drop if off to have a quick look-see. The mechs know my car so well by now I'd be very surprised if they charge me to check it out, probably because they know I'd just be back a week or two later with something new. 1989 Oldsmobile 88: 250k+ miles, engine runs solid, solid body, no collisions, comfort, luxury & functionality all rolled into one stylish boat of a car. Haha I love my Olds 88!

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