Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome Home Lenny

We drove Lenny home Friday! His engine sounds amazing, shifts smoothly and breaks badly~ we figure there is air in the break line. We plan to bleed to breaks tomorrow since this weekend we have been busy installing gauges, stocking the cabinets, patching holes in canvas & various odds and ends. Tomorrow morning I will wake before the sun comes up to begin a paint job touch up. I am hoping this Wal Mart has the gloss version of the paints he already has~ I love the paint job too much to change it now. Besides I foresee more body work in the future...
replaced the large pile of pots and pans with 2 person camp cookware purchase for $10 @ the flea market

Put cleanable wood grain shelf liner in all cabinets

Ooooh Engine looks and sounds amazing

Cut a scrap bit of wood to cover spare tire hole in "closet", use to be just cardboard

New stickers added

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