Thursday, June 14, 2012

Towing & mechanics

This year alone Lenny has rode on the back of a tow truck 5 different times.  This brings him up to 10 times total.  Apparently he prefers to ride around instead of drive himself...
Today he is going to be looked at by a skilled mechanic who has done work on several VWs over the years and has himself a VW dune buggy.  He was aware that my Bus was fuel injected and a strange year.  He will re-check everything the previous mech had done putting in the engine (to ensure accuracy) as well as diagnose why the fire happened and get that bad boy running for me for good.  He is also going to install  3 gauges for us: the oil temp sensor, head temp sensor, and RPM.  The first two are exteremely important in keeping that engine alive.  Going up hills, or driving long hours in the heat can raise the oil temperature to drastic levels, damaging the engine.  Also ensuring the heads are functioning at the right temp is important, if any of these temps get too high we will be able see this on the gauge and cool off.
All that is left is putting some new bushings on the shifter, getting the tires balanced and rotated, breaking in the engine and paint job.  I purchased high gloss, anti-chip tractor paint from my local tractor supply.  I chose "Ford Blue".  I bought two gallons but I may return one for another color to do two tone.  After all the grief Lenny has caused I sort of want to paint him all blue, so he will now be renamed "Lenny the Blue Meanie." I'll have to teach him the way to Know and instead of No. :)

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