Monday, June 4, 2012

Engine installation and various odds & ends

The engine is in! Tonight we will break it in as Bear instructed.  I don't think I can put in to words how excited I am to be driving the Bus again to new adventures.  It has been far too long, my friends.  We let him sit too long and now I look forward to a week of sanding, grinding, priming and painting.  There is even a new development of rust on the beams.  We went over to the tractor supply store and bought some tractor paint in "ford blue" which is just a dark colored blue.  I wanted to go for a buttercup yellow but there was only one gallon left and I wanted to get two just in case it takes more.  Also I really didn't want him to be too bright, so the blue will do well.  In time if I meet a good graffiti artist Lenny may get graffiti'ed.
We bought a cupholder which was very badly needed last time.  And I fixed up the bench seat storage door, took the paper off that was covering the old formica, painted on it and attached a weather stripping around the edges.  The top of the wood that the seat sits on also  has the weather stripping to protect from damage when the seat is folded out as a bed.  Just 2 1/2 more weeks and we are on the road.  I plan to have the tires rotated and all that checked out the end of this week.  Pretty soon we'll have close to a brand new Bus!

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