Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is what a new engine looks like

The engine is just about complete! Just a few odds and ends and it should be ready for pick up early next week. It looks great and I am sure it will run just as well.  I am also looking into having my mileage counter set back to "0". Apparently our alternator is the wrong size, but our mechanic did some adjustments and now it will work properly.  This explains all of the belt loosening, battery dying and push starting in the past.  Now we won't have that problem. :)

Sprout, a friend of Lenny's, is also having a new engine put in. Apparently to break in the engine for the 1st 600 miles you must drive something like 25mph to 55mph constantly increasing and decreasing between those two points. During this intense few hours of driving you change the oil at 100, 300, and finally at 600 miles to remove any sort of metal shavings that could have fallen in the engine. Sounds like fun!
 This upcoming week we plan to drop the fuel tank, clean it, put in the new sender and tighten the shifter/put in new bushings.   Once the engine is in we will replace the clutch cable and e-break.  Then we shall hit the road for many new adventures! 

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