Thursday, May 24, 2012

Storage lid re-do

Yesterday I painted the lids to what use to be our refrigerator; now a wonderful storage space. Here we keep our clothes because its easier to dig through than the closet. Today I will be sewing storage bags to hang over the sink area in a bare spot, because i threw out the shoe organizer that held the odds and ends previously. I feel like this will add a bit more space to the cab. I am also in the market for a waterproof storage bag to carry on our luggage rack. Last time we had issues with storage of less used items, and since we reinforced the brackets on the top we can safely carry important items up there. Before we had a 10 gal can of gas we took everywhere, and never used once. Now that we will have a working gas gauge I think a smaller gas can will be sufficient, if we decide to bring one at all. Our roadside assistance policy will send someone out with gas should we run out. I am planning on doing a new paint job. Since my last job was done with just a rattle can, some places are flaking off while others have become stained with all the mechanics hands touching it. At Fire on the Mountain I learned that tractor paint is a great paint to use to paint cars. I was planning on doing a fancy shmancy paint job, all custom and artistic, but since the engine took a month longer we have run out of time... So I may pick out a buttercup color paint after I sand it all down again and prime... Lenny the buttercup, has a nice ring to it. :)

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  1. Wow!!! Love wat u did with storage lids. Engine is lookin nice too! Can't wait to see u guys back out west again. Hope everything comes together. Peace, Jeff