Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stickers to raise awareness for Myesthenia Gravis

You may remember my visit from Carole & Dexter, who are traveling across the US to bring awareness to an Auto-Immune disease called Myesthenia Gravis. I am doing what I can to help Carole raise gas money to fund her trip back to the East Coast, and to plan for some events she can attend in the fall.  Carole has supplied me with some stickers to sell to help raise funds.  If you are interested in purchasing stickers, please contact me and we can arrange payment via PayPal.  Please add an additional 50 Cents to price for shipping.  Thank you!

Black with White Print 1.5x1.5
2 for $1.00

White with Black Print 3x3 
2 for $3

Color (Oval cut) 4x3
1 for $3 OR 2 for $5 
Links: The Yes We Can journey
VWs working for causes

on a side note, Blogger has come out with a new platform for posting, which I really dislike at the moment.  I hope they can work out the bugs or else I may just need to get on with another blog site...  

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