Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disappearing Act

"Beam me up, Scottie!"
I've disappeared from here, and I am sorry readers. I hope you haven't forgotten about Lenny and my adventures. However, I do have some bad news. Last I posted we had broken down en route to Charleston and thought it to be a clogged fuel pump or filter. Well it just a clogged fuel line so we were close enough. Once we got him started up the engine was knocking pretty bad. Trey did a test to see if the lifters were stuck, but it does not appear so.
Does Lenny need a new engine? We don't know. We are going to tow him to a mechanic we do not know, but does VW work and has for 40+ years. Hopefully he can give a diagnosis and some options on repair. Or maybe we'll just throw a Porshe 914 engine in there, for some real oomph! ;)
We are going to a Bus campout this weekend because we planned to have Lenny. Alas, we will be camping in the camper shell of a truck, with the cushions from Lenny at least.

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  1. i am a newbie with my VW 1978 bus...and somehow i stumbled upon your blog...it gave me some great ideas overall with everything...my vw (sadie) runs well and has some minor rust issues...and i know nothing about mechanics..but glad to see you tackled pretty much everything...it def gives me hope...(hmm, maybe i'll start a blog about mine)

    awesome blog...love it and it rocks!!