Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'd rather be camping

People have stickers and magnets stating "I'd rather be fishing!" or "shopping", depending on the person's hobby. Mine would definitely say "I'd rather be camping in a VW Bus!" Because pretty much every second of every day I think that. Except when I am gardening and baking bread. Those things would be too difficult in a Bus!

A little side note on dreams and life~
My dream goal is to own a bunch of land, a place where my friends can come and build their own house on it. I want to grow an abundance of food, as well as have an extensive wild garden (which will grow whatever grows wild where I buy my land.) Hopefully my friends will want to do the same thing (I have been selecting and asking friends to come some day considering much of them has the same dream as I). Then during the year at times I can go off in my Bus and travel to those I miss while living out on the farm. Knowing that my farm is still cared for by my friends who live there, I can travel for a few months without worrying for the chickens and carrots. Sounds like a dream, but to me that's what life is. A waking dream. I want to take advantage and reach my goals today; not sit back and hope that when I die there is something else, something better. I want to live life like THIS is the best and I better make it the BEST EVER! :)


  1. Laura Ann,

    Just stumbled onto your blog. I love your message about living a much more simpler life. Keep spreading your philosophy, especially to those your age. Us old farts are too stuck on "stuff" and acquiring more "stuff". LIfe is for living, not accumulating. You are on the right path.

    I have a 85 Westy that I restored. Lot's of work and hassles to keep it running but I have a big smile on my face when driving it around.



  2. Thanks Don! ~ keeping a Bus running can be a pain sometimes, but its very much worth the smile on your face and the waves from those passing by! Not to mention the great memories.

    ~Laura Anne