Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgivings Misgivings

Last weekend we enjoyed the Coastal Carolina "Thanksgivings Misgivings" in Awendaw SC. We enjoyed the company of good friends, beautiful buses and delicious food and drink. Saturday I had fried turkey for the first time, and I have to say, I didn't taste the difference! I guess my Mum is just that great of a cook! :)
On the way, just after 15 miles of woods, Lenny started to shutter and cut off as we coasted into a fast food lot. We thought, fuel pump/filter?? We had him towed to the event location, arriving after dark, and hoped to have him fixed up and on the road by Sunday. My dad brought me a fuel pump and filter from the parts store on his way to the event saturday. The filter was wrong, and the pump was different but workable, so after Trey worked 2 hours on intalling the pump, the Bus still won't start up right. We are thinking the filter may be clogged, but can't tell until we get a new one on it. So we had Lenny towed back to Aiken from Charleston utilizing both Trey and my AAA accounts (100 free miles each). So this thanksgiving we are thankful for AAA!
Backing Lenny into the spot

Visit from a cute guest!
Lenny & Sprout

LinkCarole working on her Yes We Can Campervan on their trip across the US to bring awareness for MG~ Myasthenia Gravis
Lenny and Wanderlust



  1. Hi Laura, So wonderful to meet you again and thanks for the mention above. I agree the people were the best and the smoked turkey was superb. The guys who fitted my clutch will be forever in my heart. Southern hospitality at it's very best!!!
    Very pleased you guys got home safely thanks to triple A.
    Cheers, Carole
    P.S. Also see for info on my MG Awareness drive, where there is more mention of MG and what to look for if you have a friend with troubling neurological symptoms.

  2. Any time you have a VW bus with a suspected clogged fuel filter, disconnect and stop up the fuel for the tank and pull the filter from the car. Let it dry for an hour or so and then tap the crud from the filter until you get nothing coming from the filter. Put it back on the van and drive without a problem for another 200 miles.