Monday, November 7, 2011

A common Sight... and my new Etsy shop

This is a common sight when updating my blog...
Lobster will do anything for attention! Today I cleaned up Lenny and got him ready for a trip to North Carolina this weekend. We will be going to Charlotte, then to visit friends who live on a farm in Efland.
I also finally created an Etsy shop to sell my art & crafts~ check out Tha Blue Room, to do your Christmas shopping and support Lenny's travels. I have been thinking of doing a new paint job soon, as there is more rust cropping up.
Thanks for reading, I know its been a little boring as of late, as far as Lenny goes. I've been sticking around the house becoming a master bread maker. Stick around, Lenny has a lot more travel in his future.

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