Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crafts~ for your health!

We're gearing up for TROM~ The Rides of March in Atkinson NC. It should be a lot of fun as it is a smaller gathering than the ones we have been too~ so we'll get to know people better. I've been doing a lot of crafting since we've been back and I've gotten into jewelery making a little bit~ here's some of the stuff I've made:
Needle Booklets to sell at TROM

OPEN~to hold your sewing needles/pins

Petrified Wood I found in AZ~not at the forest tho its a $350 fine for removing park items

Skull Bead Necklace
I did some paintings for our new friends who we stayed with many times in Arizona and New Mexico as a Thank You. Even as new friends, they were so hospitable and made us feel like we were at home. We miss them very much! But luckily with Facebook (except Laura who needs to get on facebook!) & E-mail we are able to keep in touch with them regularly. Hopefully they won't read my blog before I put these babies in the mail tomorrow!

For Laura~

for Peter~

For Slavio~

Also have a few other paintings I am working on, put a few up at a local coffee shop (my new job) for sale as well. Our next Bus festival I plan to make rear hatch screens as I didn't get a chance to make any this time around. I'll post pictures of TROM next week!