Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lenny's battle with "cancer"

Rust. It's the cancer of cars, once it starts forming its hard to stop it~ usually the only way is to remove the cancerous parts completely. But when you have rust spots around the doors, around the windows, bubbling up here and there- a rust free car becomes unimaginable. And that is where poor Lenny stands today. The damage done to the driver's side not only impacts the nose, but also the entire length of the body. Bondo the previous owner patched is cracking, revealing more of a rust problem. I suspect that is what stopped the previous owner from restoration, this is also why I chose to do a spray paint job. His cancer does not mean I am going to get rid of him, or even stop driving and working on him- no way! I will camp in him and drive him until he can't be driven any more, I am going to get the most out of him while he is still whole, and when I am not driving him he will hang out in the garage.
The rust issue is really the only problem with Lenny that I can see. The Engine & Lenny's interior is complete, undamaged and restored. The mechanical parts are rust free, including the undercarriage. If it ever comes to it, maybe I'll just find a rust free shell and put his insides in it. That way Lenny can live on with a new "shell" and his old one will become my dream green house bus! Only time will tell I suppose...


  1. I knew a guy who restored autos... he told me about the wonders of POR-15® which is applied to rusted areas. It chemically changes the rust, seals it into a hard surface... I don't think I'm explaining it very well, so you may want to look it up. This is the product site:
    I hope this will prove to be the permanent cure for Lenny's cancer... feel better soon Lenny!

  2. Ah! The joys of living on the east coast! When I was back this summer, and took "Blue" in for an oil change, the mechanics were amazed by her rust-free condition. Granted, she's not nearly as old as Lenny, but I still get a small thrill knowing rust will not be part of Blue's future!

    Lenny, by the way, is the name of my most favorite mechanic ever. He worked on my vehicles for over 25 years. That's gotta be good kharma for your Lenny!

    Thought of you when I saw this
    Ride in 70's style

    Long live, Lenny!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. ps
    Love the picture! That sky was made to compliment Lenny!

  4. Mayb something will come on the market to fix this rust problem before it spreads to much. You both did such a great job on the restoration.
    Enjoy all you can in the mean time.

  5. Heidi~ I have read about POR-15. I considered using it during my restoration but I read mixed reviews about it. Maybe I will have to try it next time just to see!
    Cyndi~ that good Karma must be true! We have had good luck with Lenny. :D Having no worries about rust would be great, I hope to enjoy that feeling some day.
    JoJo~ thank you, we will get the most out of Lenny and when we get the time and funds, maybe we'll try again at the rust. I just don't want to take out all the windows and put them in again. Those Bay windows are difficult!