Monday, August 1, 2011

High Country Bus Festival: Take 2

This was our second year at High Country Bus Festival, with last year being the first week we had our bus on the road. This year we were a lot more prepared, and the one of the quickest to pack up and go, now that we have so much experience! I recently purchased a waterproof camera for $100 and I definitely got use out of it, tubing on the New River every day. It doesn't take quite as good photos as my other camera, but I am still learning its features.

I am not sure how many Buses attended but on Friday someone I asked was Bus # 134.

We camped in the primitives, and "went to the city" or "to town" to see friends and tube back home to the boonies. Luckily there were golf carts going back and forth so we hitch hiked, and there we shuttles to bring tubers to different drop off points on the river.

First Spot we had until we found one with more shade

Yes, a tubing dog! & "The City" of Buses
Yetis lookin' for a home
The weather was beautiful Wednesday through Saturday evening, when the skies opened up on us. Around 5pm Trey and I began to tube and a rain storm broke, so we waited at the "River Bar". The sun broke through the clouds for about 45 minutes, so we tubed back to the primitives where we camped, and waited out the storm; which lasted until midnight pretty much... But we all made the most of it and hung out under awnings and tents and in buses.

River bar pre-rain storm

Rain, rain go away save it for another day

Most people were happy to be getting back to their homes and daily lives, but Trey and I were sad because in the woods we feel at home, and we miss the mountains. Hopefully we can return soon :)


  1. That looks like an awesome time! The pictures look great! They do this every year?

  2. Indeed! This year was number 15! you don't need a bus to camp, however it is highly suggested. This year we saw lots of regular cars camped out, those who love buses and dont have one, or those who's Bus is in the shop. Come next year! I'm already counting down!

  3. It's on our list of places to take the bus. Thanks for enlightening us.

  4. I just found your site. I work for a VW dealer in the Seattle area and love to camp in my 26' Nash Trailer. Just wanted to congratulate you on a very nice restoration job.