Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we took Lenny out to camp just an hour from where we live. The campground was only $7 a night on Lick Fork Lake here in S.C. As usual Lenny ran great; however we found the sink isn't working at the moment, which probably means a loose wire as the fuse was not blown. The camp spot was shaded and we got to relax and remember what it was like on our trip, being able to do nothing all day and be cool with it. While hiking, we passed a tree that was crackling and we looked up to see it was leaning hard so we took a few paces back and got to watch the tree fall. Apparently if a tree falls in the woods someone DOES hear it!
I managed to get one shot of our site with much finagling with my camera before it finally went capoot. Sand infiltrated my Cannon while trying to shoot pics of Flaming Lips & Paul Simon at Hangout Music Festival a few weekends ago. 3 full days of music on the beach will do it I suppose. Lenny didn't come because it wasn't a camping festival, but I really want to go to Allgood Music Festival in 28 days which has a lot of the same line up, but late night shows and camping in Lenny!
There's a lot of camping opportunities so we are going to spend the next few weeks getting parts and fixing him up, and doing a full tune up. I also want to try and tighten up the steering, get new windshield put in, and maaaaybe eventually do a new paint job. We are going to take the fiberglass off the top, leaving the canvas attached to the top- so we can sand some rust spots on top of the bus and in the gutters, and paint it because I sort of never did the part! Luckily it blends in with the canvas ;)
We were toying with the idea of buying a different bus and tricking it out but we are just going to put our efforts into Lenny since we love him, and he is a great bus! Besides, anyone who does a lot of camping knows that things get dirty~ I wouldn't want to dirty up my fancy bus so often. We'll just wait until we find a good Truck Bus (single cab) or Squareback to come along. :)

Double Cab VW Truck

It would be a lot easier to find these types of VWs out West so maybe we will have to make a trip out to get a good find some day. :)

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