Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today I got to eat delicious organic sprouts that I sprouted this week. Last week I ordered Organic Alfalfa sprouts on Ebay, but hopefully I will be able to find some locally next time. I put some seed in a mason jar and filled it with water two times the height of the seed. I used just a little bit of seed because I wasn't sure how much it would yield, and the seeds have a guaranteed 80% sprout rate. I let them sit in the water over night, then rinsed and drained all the water out. I topped it with a rag and rubber band and let the sprouts hang out in my dark cupboard with the potatoes and onions for a few days. Every morning and night I rinsed them with water and drained them and shook them around so they didn't clump so much.
I figured today they are big enough to eat~ and they are tasty! For now they are stored in the fridge in what used to be a sesame tahini container, now a wonderful anything container. But I don't think they are going to last very long...

We have been eyeballing a 73 Westfalia (named Biscuit) close by that is going for very cheap. The body is in much better condition than Lenny's, with only one huge problem area~ the entire front "floorboard" is rusted through in many places. The engine and tranny is out which will give us a chance to go over everything and do it right this time. We don't want to abandon Lenny, but we know that he isn't a good candidate for a full on restoration. His frame is warped from the collision he was in, and the bondo is chipping in places with rust coming back. So we may just try to keep the working components good on him and fully restore the 73 slowly and completely and still get to have Lenny to go camping in and have fun with in the meantime.
I feel like I should put a warning on my page~ BEWARE~ VW addiction may soon follow purchase of only one VW Bus~

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