Monday, August 30, 2010


Well this past month has been fun, but it has been a month of relaxing and working... Not anything to really blog about, huh? Excuse me if I don't update often this next month as well... we have this month to "save up" for our trip so we will be doing more work and less fun. Once we get started I may either just start updating this blog with our travels or make a sister blog. :)
I will try to get on here and update once in a while... so don't forget about me for long! :D

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  1. No worries Laura Anne! Just have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor :) I have been horrible about my blog lately, I have been getting a few posts up, but no where near caught up with the ones that I have to do and the ones that are part way done...It will all happen in time. This loyal reader will be watching for your next post whenever it comes, just keep having fun!

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"