Monday, March 22, 2010

Slowly comin' along

Got a bit done this weekend, not a whole lot. Painted & polyurethane'd the rest of the furniture. The yellow looks bangin'! I wish I took pics... Will add later. Finished the X-fridge cabinet only to find out it doesn't really fit. Need to take a saw to chop off a few inches. Pretty stupid on my part. Apparently I can't measure very well... Oh well! Live & Learn right? Hopefully I can find a handsaw to take care of that this weekend... We should also have an air compressor soon so we can take the windows out of the beast & sand it all down.
We went through all of the new seals that came with the bus. Turns out with only need a few: for the pop-top, sliding door, & the seals that go around the little triangular windows in the front & back. I figure I will order those once we get to sanding... Trey is in the process of cleaning the bay windows & replacing the screens on them. I re-did the sunscreens yesterday. I just duct taped some thin cardboard to the wire outline & covered it with fabric that is blue with clouds on it. So cute! (i will take pics tonight)I also added some ribbon to hold papers or whatever in the visor if I need. I hope I am more productive this week.
A friend of mine mentioned that he has a sander I could use... so maybe I can go ahead and get some sanding done during the week. I just want to fast forward til I have my baby on the road & ready to go. One we get it painted it won't be very long after that...

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