Sunday, March 28, 2010

And cushion Recovering!

This afternoon I recovered the smallest cushion for the top bed with the vintage sheets I bought from Goodwill. After I am done with all of them I will still probably have some fabric left over. Because the cushions are made of this spongy material its hard to slip the fabric over it, so instead of sewing cushions with the machine & putting them on, I just sewed them directly over it. It took an hour or so since I had to hand sew it with some extra strong thread, but it turned out good!

I held down the edges with pins because the fabric liked to bunch a little:

Overall it turned out pretty good! I'm happy with it. Just two more to go!

I still need to find some thicker upholstery fabric for the bench seat. I'm going to check Ikea if I can Friday, maybe they have some cool, relatively inexpensive fabric that would be good for it.

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