Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rust Removal: A labor of love

Today I spent about 4 hours sanding the rust off the front of the car. Got most of it off though and primed some of it. Also got the formica off and painted the sink cabinet! Its very yellow. Matches everything well though. Yesterday I scored big at Goodwill: I got two sets of vintage bedsheets (light yellow with floral print) & really wide vintage curtain valances(??) that also match the mushroom print fabric for the curtains. I also picked up the stove accessories from Lowes. I bought a low pressure regulator and a hose with the adapter for 1 lb bottles. Figure I am mostly going to cook over fires, in a house, with the solar cook, etc so I won't need to replace the horribly rusted factory tank. My bus is going to be so awesome once its done... Tonight Trey and I are going to wash the foam cushions and hopefully they can still be usable.

This week I plan to:
sew the fabric into covers for the cushions
Sew the curtains
Get the stove together
Figure out the sink

The sink has been giving me some trouble... but I am close to understanding what goes where. The manual that came with the car lacks the camper section, so some things have been hard to figure out. But luckily I have the internets!

If i think my arms are sore after all that sanding now... I just have to wait til tomorrow morning... :(

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