Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Created!

Just created this nifty blog so I can update my Westy's restoration process. Sometimes it's been pretty hard for me to find other people's restoration process/photos online, so hopefully other Westy owners out there will find this blog useful in one way or another.

I picked up the Westy February 7, 2010 from a man is Salisbury NC who was getting rid of the beast because he just didn't have the time to continue restoration. The car is in good condition, some rust here & there, nothing too major. There's a large dent just under the left head light which we are preparing to fill with body filler. The car came with an extra sliding door that has little rust damage, and a plethora of other spare & original parts. The PO (previous owner) had done a lot of the dirty work already. He completely gutted the interior and took the old Formica off the storage compartments. He replaced the front beam, shocks, brakes, did some body work, cleaned the pop top. The only thing missing from the bus is the canvas tent-like material that goes in the pop top. But it did come with the AWESOME tent that attaches to the outside of the sliding door. Very awesome!

What I have done so far: Removed formica (easily done with a knife & a hot iron), resurfaced the furniture with vintage wall paper & polyurethane. (will add pictures in the very near future I promise!) I sanded most of the rust off the body, and we are now waiting for an air-compressor to sand the paint off. I completely disassembled the refrigerator- icky!!!- because I am going to use that space for storage. (If anyone reading this is in need of fridge parts for a 79 Westy please message me... I am very willing to part with them.) I brought the cushions to my house, had to cut the original fabric off because the zippers were rusted shut. I am planning on washing the cushions (pretty icky but not too bad) and reupholstering them once I get fabric... Other than that I have been reading about VWs A LOT and figuring out what others have done in their restoration process.

Here's some photos of how the Westy is lookin right about now:

Yay Fridge&Stove!

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