Monday, March 8, 2010

Lazy Weekend

So this past weekend I was very lazy. Went & worked on Westy for an hour or so Saturday, managed to get some formica off and poked around at the sink some more. Two screws are rusted on pretty good, but I am hoping I can get them off tonight by putting a rubber band between the screw & screwdriver. This should help fill in some of the void, create a better "grab" and maybe get the suckers off. This way I can take the thing apart so I can get the sink & stove in working condition. I am going to replace the original propane tank because mine is all rusted to hell. Found a VERY helpful link from The Samba: Lots of helpful information in regards to replacing the propane system.

Also found out this past weekend that the spare sliding door that came with the Westy actually doesn't fit... Trey spent 30 minutes replacing some of the parts to get it on the car, and once we slid the door on we realized it isn't the correct size- a bit too shallow. So that means tonight I have a lot of sanding to do on the bottom of the door where there is quite a bit of rust damage. I'm hoping that body filler will do the trick to seal up some of the places where the rust has eaten through. I am just thankful the underside has been coated & the front beam replaced already.

Today I discovered this awesome website: This website gives me so much inspiration about my upcoming lifestyle change. I never knew about Solar Ovens! What a great thing. An Oven that is completely solar "powered" and cooks food to perfection. I can't wait to build my own. It's so refreshing to read other people's stories in fulfilling their dreams and seeing how it so closely correlates with mine. :) I just wish I could be in the garage than in the office on such a sunny day.

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