Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sink & Stove taken apart!

So last night Trey & I got a bit more sanding done on the body. Tommy (one of Trey's co workers who is helping us with the bus) is hoping to get an air compressor in the next 2 weeks. At that point we can sand the bus down so we can prime & paint it. Still in between colors at the moment though...

Trey managed to get the last 2 screws off the sink face (the rubber band idea did NOT help) but he just used different sizes of screw heads until one of them worked enough to loosen the screws. The sink only needs a new water pump, but the stove needs quite a bit of TLC. The actual stove is good, same with the knobs. However, the factory propane tank is rusted completely. So I am going to rig up the stove to connect to those little 1 lb camping propane tank. This is a good link about this modification: .

I also got my fabric in yesterday:
I initially ordered 15 yards of it, but since it was a clearance item (@ $4 a yard!) they only had 5 yards left. So I am planning on making curtains out of them. :) I've decided against staining the wood that I haven't covered with wallpaper. I think I am going to go with paint. I just haven't figured out what color yet. I am leaning towards something light colored like a light yellow or tan. So my curtains, vintage wall paper, and whatever else I will end up using will match. Matching, or at least mostly matching, is key! :)

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