Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Window screens & engine delivery

I made some screens for the driver's side windows from mesh "curtains" I had in an old house, old sheets, and super magnets. They are a bit smaller than I would have liked, but they do fit very snug.
We delivered the engine today, we are so happy to know its in very good hands. This man has worked on Vws for 45 years and in that time has only had 10 engines come back to him. Our friend who is storing Lenny for us and who took the engine out has also been doing some body work and can also help us with everything else we are doing. Lenny is finally going to be in the tip top shape he deserves!
Engine out~ Tranny lookin' gooood

In other news~
Our GMC Sonoma hit 200,000 miles today! Still runnin' strong and delivered Lenny's engine. We couldn't have done it without "the blue room!"

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